For more than thirty years the DAL POS family have demonstrated their passion for the equestrian world with constant commitment and attention to the needs of horses and horse-riders.

The Company NORD PIAVE has in this way been able to become successful both on the national market and abroad, thanks to the features of its products, which with time have maintained a right mix of innovation and tradition, thus guaranteeing trust and reliability. 
The important is how things are made, and our core business is customizing the products with craftsmanship care, attention to details and no limits to shapes, design and technology.

For these reasons our offers are diversified, ready to adapt to the most varied and personalized solutions.


ADVICE: from the idea to the project. Our technical staff can elaborate an idea and develop a customized project for the customer. We follow the entire process personally, customizing it according to the client’s specific requests.

PROJECT: Years of work have given us noteworthy experience, making our technicians capable of following the whole project concerning equestrian centres and prefabricated structures, giving the assistance needed for all the necessary paperwork. We are able to satisfy all needs by building special constructions and observing environmental norms and restrictions.

PRODUCTION: All our prefabricates and equipment are built entirely within our premises by a highly specialized and prepared staff, paying particular attention and care in choosing materials and to all details. Maximum precision in production enables us to be particularly precise and fast during installation.

TRANSPORT AND INSTALLATION: We use our own means: trailer trucks with cranes, lift-trucks, and particular equipment which give us maximum flexibility in logistics management. Our staff is able to make sure that the structure is perfectly installed, guaranteeing turnkey facilities.

SERVICING: A continuous and direct relation with the customer enables us to guarantee continuity, qualitative transparency, precision in deliveries, and post-sales servicing. We perform all kinds of maintenance and repairing works.

RENTING SERVICES: We also specialize in renting horse stalls and mobile enclosures such as fences.